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As one of Turkey corrugated box manufacturer, we have E flute, B flute, C flute, BC flute and EB flute corrugated boxes are made here!


We have B, C, E, BC and EB flute cardboard manufacture. 

Yes, we do produce E and EB wave corrugated cardboard, which is not much available in Turkey!

Turkish Carton Box Supplier

There are a few corrugated box manufacturers in Turkey, which are capable of producing corrugated cardboard boxes in many different qualities with wide product ranges, from high production quantities to minimum quantities.


Marmara Corrugated Box (Carton Box) manufacturer is one of them, with the best prices and great service. 

We develop and produce customized, high quality printed corrugated packaging solutions.

The strengths and core values are a consistent customer focus, a customized product portfolio, very high standard of quality together with an ecological oriented production.

We are pleased to meet with you on this website of ours as you searched for the terms such as carton box manufacturers in Turkey, carton boxes Turkey, cardboard box Turkey, Turkish paper box, carton box companies etc. and work with you.


We will also give our best to make you feel happy to meet with us. 

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